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3-hour Free Blockchain Crash Course for Investors

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn about blockchain from scratch in a structured way.

The curriculum that we made contains links to the best resources available for free and contains simple summary of learning outcomes.

There are 4 study sessions:

Study session 1. Cryptography basics — 60 min

Study session 2. Hashes — 20 min

Study session 3. We are going on a blockchain tour — 45 min

Study session 4. Private and public keys inside blockchain — 30 min

In total you need around 3 hours to finish this course. Almost 50% of the course is videos, we guarantee you are going to enjoy it.

If it is so short is it really useful? Yes, because we researched through dozens of videos and articles to synthesize the best course available out there.

You can download the PDF version and study when it is convenient:

Download the course in PDF

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